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Spot on MDC800 - Reduzierung des Lackverbrauchs

Information zum Thema Lackverbrauchsreduzierung erhalten Sie im Video.

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Reducing Pollution – How to?

In the metal decorating industry, as well as in other sectors, the reduction of pollution has become an essential issue. In consideration to this, HMD has managed to find a way to reduce the dust exposure of process air.

The TNV of HMD does not cause any dust exposure basically. Nevertheless while the procedure of drying the process air becomes contaminated by dust. This contamination is supposed to be caused by plant air but more likely due to the wicket oven itself, in particular the transport chain. The guiding rollers of conventional transport chains are made of steel or cast iron with a graphite bush. 

While running the transport chain, the guiding rollers assure that the chain is being leaded lateral on the guide rail. Hereby the burden of the chain, the wickets and the material that needs to be cured is being carried by the graphite bushes. This burden leads to the abrasion of the graphite bushes, the metallic abrasion of the guiding roller as well as the mechanical abrasion of the guide rail. 

With HMDs new chain system, including synthetic rollers and side guidance for the chain, HMD has managed to eliminate the abrasion which leads to no dust in the wicket oven and therefore a reduction of pollution in general.
The following calculation example illustrates the potential reduction of polluted process air:

Wicket oven 27m TNV 8000 Nm³                                                     = approx. 3000 Nm³/h
Estimated working hours per year                                                    = 5000 h
3000 Nm³ x 5000 h                                                                             = 15.000.000 Nm³/year
Abrasion of:
600 graphite bushes= 20 g x 600 = 12 kg                                       = 12.000.000 mg
600 guiding rollers= 5 g x 600 = 3kg                                                = 3.000.000 mg
120 m guide rail= 1 kg                                                                       = 1.000.000 mg
In Total                                                                                                  = 16.000.000 mg/year of abrasion
Total pollution per hour of the exhaust air by dust of the chain:
16.000.000 mg / 15.000.000Nm³                                                      = 1,06 mg/Nm³
By changing your existing chain system you can not only reduce the amount of polluted exhaust air, but also save energy due to the smooth running of the new chain transport system.

If you are interested in more information of the new chain transport system, which is available for all kinds of wicket oven, do not hesitate to contact us.
April 2019 - HMD neueste Entwicklung - der Mobile Brückenrahmen

Der Mobile Brückenrahmen mit Anleger, zwischen Druckmaschine und 
Inline-Coater MDC800 sowie Querförderer, wurde entwickelt um die Anforderung nach mehr Flexibilität zu erfüllen.
Hierbei ist eine Verwendung entweder als Druck-Lackier-Linie oder als reine Lackierlinie möglich.
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